Clinic Information and Forms


The RHS Clinic is a full service clinic.

Hours :   7:15 a.m.  to 2:45 p.m   Monday – Friday

Phone :  727-774-3968  Fax:  727-774-3991

Nurse: TBA        Clinic Assistant: TBA



The Ridgewood Clinic is served bi-monthly by Pam Sherwood, ARNP, Pasco County Health Department.  If you are interested in an appointment, please visit the clinic to schedule in advance.

Services are offered for the wellness and care of the student body and include:

Sports, ROTC, and School Physicals

Assessments and Care of Minor Primary  Issues



  1. Guidelines for Administration of Medication at School
  2. Authorization to Carry And Self Administer Asthma Inhaler, Epi-Pen, And/OR Pancreatic Enzyme
  3. Authorization For Medication Administration
  4. Application For Healthy Student Program Membership