Schools shall require written explanations from parents/guardians when students are absent.  Parents should notify the school of a student’s absence and the reason for the absence with the appropriate note by the first day of a student’s return to school. Types of appropriate notes include parent notes, doctor notes, or court paperwork.  Please review the section titled “Attendance and Loss of Privilege” for a more detailed explanation of which absences will not count towards loss of privilege and/or the rules of thumb listed below.

Parent notes regarding absences will be marked as excused; however, they will count towards loss of privilege. In order for an absences to not count towards loss of privilege, please follow the following rules of thumb.

         – If a child sees a doctor for the illness, please submit a doctor’s note so that it does not count against loss of privilege.

        – If a family member is ill, please send in a doctor’s note documenting the illness of the family member that it will not count against loss  of privilege.

        – If a student must attend court, please submit the subpoena or court documentation regarding the absence so that it will not count against loss of privilege.

All other absences from school shall be considered unexcused and shall be dealt with according to the Code of Student Conduct.  Failure to provide requested documentation will result in unexcused absences.



Excused absences guarantee students the right to make up any and all assignments assigned on the day[s] of absence at full credit. The student is responsible for asking the teacher(s) for assignments and make-up tests within two (2) class meetings with the teacher. The teacher(s) shall specify a reasonable period of time for completion of make-up work. In no case shall the time be less than one full calendar day for each day missed. Work due to be turned in on the day of the excused absence will be turned in upon return with the potential to earn full credit. The principal or designee shall have the authority to modify these conditions with a confirmed hardship. (Source: Pasco County Schools Student Code of Conduct)



Pre-arranged absences must be requested at least 5 days prior to absence(s). Please refer to the Student Handbook for approved reasons for pre-arranged absences. Your absence must be approved by administration prior to notifying your teachers. (Source: Pasco County Schools Student Code of Conduct)

The following are acceptable reasons for a student’s absence(s) from class:

a. Religious institutes, conferences, or workshops, provided that the principal or designee approves the absence in advance.

b. Absences for trips or other parental requests that are determined to be educationally relevant for testament as determined by the principal or designee. Requests must be approved at least one week in advance. The principal or designee’s decision in this matter is final.

If your absence(s) is approved, the student will be notified.  If additional clarification or documentation is required, you will be contacted by an administrator.