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Ridgewood High School   

2017-2018 Parent Involvement Plan

Our Mission Statement

“Ridgewood High School’s mission is to create a family friendly environment in which parents will participate in a variety of ways in their child’s education in order to enhance learning and help students succeed, achieve, and grow.”

 Belief Statement

Ridgewood High School believes parents are the key to the educational success of their student. We see parents as a valuable resource in developing the most effective educational plan for each student. As a school, we strive to be a part of the community and a place where parents are always welcome. We recognize the need to work with parents and families to accomplish our goals of academic achievement and personal growth for each student.  Ongoing staff training is critical in meeting our goals. If you have difficulty being involved, then let us know how we can assist.

Title 1 Parents/Guardians

Ridgewood High School will involve parents in the development of the Title 1 plan and the process of school review and improvement.

  • Parents will be provided information to access to the School Public Accountability Report (SPAR), any other school performance data and assistance with interpreting their child’s individual assessment results.
  • Parents will be provided a description and explanation of the curriculum and standards used at the school, the forms of assessment used to measure student progress, and the proficient levels students are expected to meet.
  • Parents will be invited and encouraged to meet with their student’s teachers, attend monthly SAC meetings to offer suggestions, share experiences and to participate in decisions related to the education of their student.
  • Parents are encouraged to visit the RHS parent resource center located in the Career Resource Center and Student Success Center in the Guidance office.
  • Florida offers a Parental Information and Resource Centers, please call 1-866-775-8661

Parent Involvement Opportunities

Ridgewood High School supports parent involvement in a variety of ways as we strive to develop and maintain a quality learning environment for all students.

  • Parents will be encouraged to contribute to their student’s education by providing a supportive home environment.
  • Parent workshops will be offered to assist parents with providing a supportive home environment; sessions will be offered on flexible days and time to the extend possible.
  • Parents are encouraged to volunteer and attend school events at Ridgewood High School.
  • Parents are invited to participate in parent/teacher conferences.
  • Parents are encouraged to complete school surveys that help to determine school needs and offerings.


Parents/guardians will be informed of school activities through various types of communications throughout the school year. Ridgewood High School’s staff will maintain a record of all parent contacts each year. Some of the types of communications to be used include:

Monthly Newsletters (online), Facebook, Twitter

Annual Open House/Quarterly Parent University Events

Weekly School Connects

Ongoing parent/teacher conferences

Ongoing Personal Contact

Phone Calls as needed

School Webpage with Parent Information Link

myStudent communication (attendance and grades)

The School Advisory Council and Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) will review the Parent Involvement Plan, the school’s parent programs and the School and Home Compact annually. Parents have the right to submit concerns related to this parent involvement plan to the principal. This document will be made available to parents annually. Si necisita ayuda para entender esta informacion, por favor contact a su escuela.

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