Course Selection 2017-18


2017-18 Course Selection Information

Ridgewood High School will be moving from a traditional to a Wall to Wall Academy school to engage students and to ensure improved academic performance. These academies will function as a Small Learning Communities and will create a more personalized learning environment. An integral component of the academy model is the interest and career-themed approach designed to engage all students with rigorous and relevant learning. Thus preparing them for college, career, and life through the context of their interests. This initiative will also offer our students opportunities to earn industry certifications and college credit through Dual Enrollment and Advanced Placement. 

Each student will select an academy based on their interests and career survey on Their elective choices reflect their academy. Students may also select courses from other academies as long as their primary elective is from their academy. Students must remain in their academy for at least one year but then may explore other academies.

Ridgewood High School Academies (Click link to see specifics about our academies and support programs.)

Academy of Business and Leadership (including ROTC)

Academy of Arts and Media Education 

Academy of Sports and Medical Sciences (Sports Medicine, Health and Human Services, Biomedical Sciences (Project Lead the Way))

Academy of Robotics

2017-2018 Course Selection Planning Sheets will be distributed January 30-February 1. The planning sheets are designed to give students and parents a chance to discuss the choices available – students will make the selections official via an online registration conducted through advisory sessions at school. Students are also encouraged to be conscious of their alternative course selections as classes may fill up quickly limiting requests. All students will enroll in an academy and select their electives accordingly.

  • Advanced Placement Programs at Ridgewood – Advanced Placement courses offer students an opportunity to experience college rigor, while still in high school. These courses provide a solid foundation for post-secondary studies and help students stand out in the college admissions process. The link below is the AP Expectations Agreement that all students in Advanced Placement classes must complete. Advanced Placement Informational Flyer  All students enrolled in an Advanced Placement course must complete the AP Expectations Agreement prior to entering the course.
  • Dual Enrollment – Dual enrollment provides high school students with the opportunity to take college classes and potentially earn both high school and college credit. Dual enrollment classes are offered through Pasco-Hernando State College (PHSC). Classes can be taken at the PHSC campus. A student must provide his/her own transportation to PHSC.
  • State University System (SUS) Admissions Tour – This document reviews the GPAs, SAT/ACT scores, and other information of the Freshman Class that was just admitted. This should be used as a reference for students so that they can think about how they are currently performing in the classroom and what they should reach for in order to be accepted potentially by the university system. SUS-Matrix Comparison Chart

Applications for Classes and Programs at RHS 

Below are links to the applications that students will need for the programs that are available at RHS. Applications will also be available during online registration in February. All applications are due . Please attach to online course card or submit to Ms. Painter.


Advanced Placement Program

All Advanced Placement students must submit the Advanced Placement Agreement form to their school counselor with their course cards.   AP Expectations Agreement

AVIDLogo AVID Program – Ms. Baer, Room 118 (Courses: AVID I, II, III, IV)

College is not just a dream, it is the plan! The AVID Program helps to support students in their journey to college success! AVID Informational Sheet

Click here if you are a new AVID student (Class of 2018, 19, 20) to download an application.  Click on the following link for the application if you are an incoming 9th grader (Class of 2021).

Dual Enrollment – See your Guidance Counselor

To be completed and attached to the course card with copies of SAT/ACT/PERT scores.



YearbookThe Rampage Yearbook – Mrs. Byrd, Room 104 (Course: Journalism)

Apply to be a member of the yearbook staff, complete the application at this link. 


Peer Mentor Ram U Leadership Application – Ms. Painter (Course: Leadership)

Leadership/Peer Mentor Application



Marchman (MTC) – See your School Counselor (Class of 18 and 19 only)

Complete the Marchman Technical College application at