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Happy Pi Day!

RHS celebrated National Pi Day in the classroom with Pi-related activities as well as at lunches where students had the opportunity to pie their favorite staff member in the face. Thank you to everyone who participated including Mr. Raiti, Mr. McComiskey, Mr. Krupyak, Ms. Bender, Ms. Byrd, Ms. LoConti, Ms. Haynes, Mr. Baker and Ms. Jones.


Ms. Jones


Pie in the Face Contest


Pie in the Face Contest Awaiting the Next Contestant

Class of 2013 wins PP Volleyball Game

On Tuesday, the senior class won the Powder Puff Volleyball game over the junior class.  Congratulations!  Students had a blast participating and all proceeds went to the Salvation Army as part of a Senior Project.


Class of 2013 Champs


Mary Kujak (Coordinator), Mrs. Murphy, Shamina Stagner

Class of 2016 wins Powder Puff

Congratulations to the Class of 2016 for winning Powder Puff!IMG_0762

1st Place: Class of 2016

2nd Place: Class of 2013

3rd Place: Class of 2014

4th Place: Class of 2015


IMG_0754 IMG_0764

Spring MaDDness Week: March 11-15

Show Your DRIVE & DETERMINATION to finish the year RAM STRONG!

Celebrate Spring Madness Week by dressing up and participating in fun activities throughout the week!

Monday:Spirit Day & Powder Puff 5:30PM RHS Stadium
Tuesday: Mardi Gras Day
Powder Puff Boys’ Volleyball Tickets $2 7th Period
Wednesday: College & Career Day
Thursday: Peace of Pi Day – Wear your Spring Madness shirts!
“Pie in your favorite teacher’s face” @ Lunches
Friday: St. Patrick’s Green Day
Pep Rally
Sign the No Text & Drive Campaign Petition @ Lunches & dunk your favorite RHS
staff member in the dunk tank!

Thank you to Student Council and all of our volunteers for making this a great week!