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2016 Economic Security Report

Section 1002.20(24), Florida Statutes, requires each middle school and high school student or the student’s parent be provided a two-page summary of the Department of Economic Opportunity’s economic security report of employment and earning outcomes. This must be done annually prior to registration and electronic access to the full report must also accompany the summary.
The following links are to the summary and full economic security report for you to distribute to your schools and parents as required by law.


2/20-2/24: Week in Review

M 2/20 Homeroom / Presidents’ Day 

8:30AM – Articulation @ CHMS

9:24AM – Homeroom, Advisory & Study Hall; Sophomore Class Meeting Gym

5:00PM – JV Girls Softball vs. JWMHS

6:00PM – JV Boys Baseball vs. HHS

7:00PM – Varsity Girls Softball vs. JWMHS

T 2/21 

AP Environmental Science field trip: Fort Cooper State Park

AVID Trip to UF

8:30AM – Articulation @ BPMS

8:30AM – JROTC Blood Drive

3:00PM – Track @ LOLHS

3:30PM – Boys Tennis vs. ZHS

3:00PM – Girls Tennis @ ZHS

5:00PM – JV Girls Softball vs. GHS

7:00PM – Varsity Girls Softball vs. GHS

7:00PM – Varsity Boys Baseball @ Central HS

W 2/22 Homeroom – Orange Clubs 

9:24AM – Homeroom, Orange Clubs

10:00AM – CHMS Curriculum Fair & Tour, RHS Gym

1:30PM – Semester 2 On Track Activity, Kickball

4:00PM – Boys Weightlifting vs. RRHS

6:00PM – High School Success Night, Media

6:00PM – JV Girls Softball vs. SLHS, double header

6:00PM – JV Boys Baseball @ GHS

7:00PM – Varsity Girls Softball @ Citrus HS

TH 2/23

10:30AM – Special Olympics @ RRHS

3:00PM – Girls Tennis vs. HHS

3:00PM – Boys Tennis @ HHS

3:00PM – ACT/SAT Prep, Media Center


7:00PM – Varsity Girls Softball vs. Lecanto HS

F 2/24 Homeroom

8:00AM – Art & Spanish Club Field Trip: Dali Museum

8:30AM – AP Computer Science Practice Exam, room 206

9:24AM – Homeroom, Advisory & Study Hall

10:00AM – BPMS Curriculum Fair & Tour, RHS Gym

4:00PM – Track Fundraiser @ Chipotle, US 19 Port Richey

7:00PM – Varsity Girls Softball @ Central HS

7:00PM – Varsity Boys Baseball @ GHS

S 2/25

Track @ Berkley Prep

9:00AM – Saturday School

3/31 Prom 2017 Information: Arabian Nights

Tickets go on sale on Monday, March 6th for $65 at lunches or you may pay by credit card.  Students must be in good standing behaviorally (no level 3 referrals) and have all debts paid with RHS prior to purchasing/attending Prom.

All students must complete the Prom Guest Agreement 2017 form when purchasing tickets. All non-Ridgewood students should complete Prom_Non-Ridgewood Student Guest Request 2017 and include a valid photo ID for administrative approval. Both items should be submitted to the front office no later than Thursday, March 30 at 3PM for approval.


The following dress code is applicable to all students and guests who wish to enter the Prom. All guests must comply with all school and Code of Conduct requirements. If you have questions concerning your dress, it is your responsibility to seek prior approval from administration. Any questions regarding dress should be resolved before that evening. Any student or guest who fails to meet any of the following conditions will be denied entry to the event:


  • Dress Code for Young Men: Dress pants, dress shirt and dress shoes. A tie and jacket is strongly recommended. All pants must be securely worn around the waist. No “polo” style shirts will be allowed. Athletic shoe/sneakers (i.e. Nikes, Adidas, etc.) or work boots will not be permitted. The principal’s/designee’s decision is FINAL.
  • Dress Code for Young Women: Must wear a dress, pant suit or gown that is in good taste. The outfit may not be made of see-through material. Strapless dresses are allowed; however, no open styles, which show the entire back or stomach areas are permitted. The back must completely be covered below the bottom of the young woman’s shoulder blades. All dresses must cover the midriff area completely. Front necklines shall not be lower than a line formed between the right and left armpit. This guideline governs cleavage and the principal’s/designee’s decision is FINAL. The dress length and all slits cannot exceed more than four inches above the knee.
  • Dress Code for Both Young Men and Young Women: Students dressed inappropriately will be turned away at the door. Students will not be admitted wearing cargo pants, sneakers, jeans/denim, Dickies (or other casual pants), t-shirts, torn clothing, chains/spikes, sexually implicit or explicit clothes, shorts, hats and head coverings, bandanas, or items referencing tobacco or alcohol products. Adjustments made at the door or during the dance (including pinning, the addition of a jacket, the addition of a body suit, etc.) will not be accepted as solutions for violations of the dress code. The principal’s/designee’s decision is FINAL.

If you have any questions about dress code, please see an administrator.

2/13-2/17: Weekly Events at RHS




M 2/13 Homeroom (course selection)
6:00PM – JV Girls Softball vs. Springstead HS
7:00PM – Varsity Boys Baseball Classic @ HHS

T 2/14 Homeroom (course selection) – Happy Valentine’s Day!
Vocal Valentine Delivery
8:00AM – JROTC Field Trip: USCG Air Station Clearwater
8:30AM – Class of 2018 Flower Delivery
Lunches – Q3 Progress Report On track activity
5th & 6th Period – Finding Kind event – all interested girls may attend. Gym
3:30PM – Boys Tennis vs. JWMHS
3:30PM – Girls Tennis @ JWMHS
6:00PM – JV & Varsity Girls Softball vs. Hernando HS
7:00PM – Varsity Boys Baseball Classic @ HHS

W 2/15 Homeroom (course selection)
ARNP in the Clinic for physicals – sign up for appointment
1:30PM – Track @ ELHS
4:00PM – Boys Weightlifting @ AHS
6:00PM – Varsity Football 7 on 7, Veterans Park
7:00PM – Varsity Boys Baseball Classic @ HHS

TH 2/16 Homeroom (course selection)
5:30PM – Girls Varsity Softball vs. Citrus Park Christian School (Double header)

F 2/17 Homeroom (course selection)
9:00AM – AVID Field Trip, Engineering & Lab Science Expo @ USF Tampa
Lunches – RAM Wheel for Ram Rewards
3:00PM – Track @ AHS
7:00PM – Varsity Girls softball @ NCHS

S 2/18
10:00AM – Class of 2018 Carwash @ AutoZone, Ridge Road

2/9: Club Picture Day


Please be on time and wear your club shirts. All pictures are in the gym.

8:30AM National Honor Society

8:30AM Interact

8:50AM Health Academy


8:50AM Class of 2019

9:10AM Anime Club

9:10AM Teen Court

9:30AM French Club


10:10AM Class of 2018

10:30AM Guitar Club

10:30AM Teen Trendsetters

10:50AM Class of 2017

10:50AM Class of 2020

11:10AM Dance Team

11:10AM Chorus

11:30AM Drama

11:30AM Color Guard

11:50AM Common Ground

12:10 PM Spanish Club

12:10PM GSA

12:30 PM Sports Club

12:50AM Movie Club

12:50AM Student Council

2/6-2/10: Weekly Events at RHS

M 2/6 Homeroom

3:15PM – Extended School Day, RM 214

6:00PM – Parent University for 2017-18 Course Selection, Media Center

T 2/7

3:15PM – Adult Education (Night School) Begins

7:00PM – District Tournament – Boys BB vs. FHS

W 2/8 Homeroom White Club Day

Homeroom (9:24AM): Senior Class Meeting – Gym (Graduation Information & Activities)

3:10PM – ATS – After School Detention, Rm 106

3:15PM – Extended School Day, RM 214

4:00PM – Boys Weightlifting @ HHS

5:00PM – Girls Soccer Banquet, MTC

TH 2/9 Club Picture Day

7:45AM – SAC Meeting, room 206

9:00AM – FBLA Field Trip, St. Leo

3:00PM – Track @ GHS

3:15PM – Adult Education (Night School) 

F 2/10 Homeroom & Progress Reports

Lunches: Q3 Progress Report Lunch Treat

6:00PM – Cross Country Banquet, Room 106

S 2/11

8:00AM – Wrestling Conference Meet @ FHS