AP Boot Camp August 5 8:30-3:00

Last call for AP Students!  AP Boot Camp is Tuesday August 5 from 8:30-3:00.  Report to the Cafeteria.  A $5 donation would be appreciated to help offset the cost of food and your t-shirt.  Students who are enrolled in AP and do not attend must complete the program summer assignment found on our AP webpage.

Once AP Boot Camp has concluded, please complete this survey.


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8/4: Volleyball Tryouts Moved to Salvation Army

volleyball2Any student interested in trying out for the RHS Volleyball team, please report to the Salvation Army at 7745 Ridge Road in Port Richey on Monday, August 4 from 6:30-8:30PM.  In order to try out, students must have a valid physical.

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Peer Mentors at RHS

The Peer Mentors gathered on RHS campus today for their first training.  Students learned how to welcome the Class of 2018 and prepare for Freshman Orientation on Thursday August 7 8:30-3:00 and 9th grade registration 3:30-6:00.


If you are a Peer Mentor and could not attend the training, please contact Mrs. Leary at aleary@pasco.k12.fl.us.  Peer Mentors, please complete this interest inventory.

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Welcome Commander Cheetham!

pic_0001We are excited to announce that Commander Mike Cheetham will be joining the Ram Family as the Senior Naval Science Officer. Commander Cheetham and his family are coming from Alma, Arkansas, where he was a SNS Officer for the past two years leading the Alma High School NJROTC unit to a “Distinguished Unit” designation. Learn more about Commander Cheetham here.


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Advanced Placement Boot Camp August 5 8:30-3:00

All students enrolled in an Advanced Placement class for the 2014-15 school year must attend AP Boot Camp on August 5 from 8:30-3:00.  Check the list below to verify that you are signed up to attend.  If you have not signed up, you must do so ASAP.  Use this link to complete the process.  AP Boot Camp Sign Up

If you do not attend boot camp you must complete the program summer assignment found on our AP page.  The program summer assignment is due to Mrs. Leary on Friday August 22.  This will count as 10% of your summer assignment grade.

Students Signed Up for Boot Camp

Adams Calista
Adkins Damien
Amber Allen
Bachand Rachel
Baker Cody
Banaciski Hunter
Barnes Austin
Berg Katarina
Biasotti Serena
Bidwell Griffin
Blinn Steven
Boggs Charley
Boisvere Krista
Bowman Tyler
Branzell Karissa
Brostek Kimmi
Burnett Maria
Cabrera Peter
Cabrera Jazzmin
Calkins Danielle
Campbell Megan
Campbell Victoria
Canales Amelia
Cardello-Peters Susan
Carlson Tayler
Chaffer Linda
Chaffer Hannah
Charpin Reilly
Clark Cody
Constantinou Jennifer
Cooper Jaden
Cruz Emily
Cummines Robert
Cummines Johanna
Dattoli Jacob
Dawson Amnonie
Degoyler Eden
Delwater-Gourley Josh
Densler Jenna
Diaz-Rodriguez Dayana
Dominguez Anthony
Doscher Ashley
Ducey Mariah
Dunn Calina
Ellsmore Cheyenne
Estrada Nick
Fanning Ryan
Feliciano Gabrielle
Ferrier Kaitlyn
Finna Matthew
Fisher Payton
Fletcher Samual
Foxx Sierra
Frost Vincent
Funez Derek
Gallo Michelle
Gaviria Karina
Golubeff Falisha
Gonzalez Stephanie
Graves Faith
Greatrex Jillian
Gregory Joshua
Greska Shaianne
Grey Michael
Growney Noah
Growney Dorthey
Hackbarth Chandler
Hall Charles
Hartman Joe
Hass Maia
Hemmerling Matthew
Hernandez Natasha
Higgins Hayley
Higgins Aliza
Hollister Brittnie
Hong Lily
Hoyt Sean
Hussein Lilah
Joy Kristen
Kathy Allen
Kitzman Brandi
Koch Alora
Limbocker Devon
Liu Tina
Lucchesi Carter
Mann Mariah
Marcum Desiree
Marholz Devin
Martin-Bautista Luis
Martinez Sydney
Mathis Dominick
McAdow Brooke
McGibbon Tyler
McKinley Elizabeth
Mendoza Kimmie
Menees Nick
Michaelson Meghan
Michaud Briana
Michels Nick
Michels Blaze
Mineo Emily
Moschner Thomas
Moschner Thomas
Mousouris Thomas
Murphy Miranda
Myers Cheyenne
Myers Conner
Narducci Anthony
Nazario Xavier
Negrich Melissa
Nimely Godtime
O’Brien Cody
O’Neil Dylan
Odgen Brittanie
Orellano Mauro
Pagan Joslin
Palmerton Kyle
Perez Melba
Pitocco Paula
Pospiech Haliegh
Powers Tyler
Price Leslie
Rehmer Emily
Reyes Marlene
Rice Kylie
Robinson Kathryn
Robinson Sarah
Robinstein Elexys
Rodriguez Michelle
Rose Zach
Roxby Kati
Rupple Michael
Russ Madison
Russ Madison
Ruwell Julia
Santiago Natasha
Seda Nathan
Sharkey Rumiko
Shea Amber
Shepard Jessica
Sideris Gabe
Sigismondi Aubree
Simpson Faith
Skinner Terry
Sta ana Justin
Stacy Tyler
Stansell Allesse
Stokes Keith
Strunk Melissa
Stubler Kate
Supeau Thomas
Swanson Brian
Szulewski Amy
Tepepa-Meza Selena
Terry Corey
Thomas Alexus
Thompson Kathleen
Turenne Lindsay
Turenne Lauren
Umbarger Sage
Velez Tiana
Vick Meagan
Vito Paige
Wampler Conner
Weeks Shawn
Weierheiser Dylan
Weiss Tristan
Widman Donovan
Wilks Jada
Wills Zachary
Wilson Glass
Wingard Kara
Wyche Diamond
Young Justin
Young Kylee
Young Isabelle
Young Claire
Zapote-Pacheco Jaime
Zio Jeremiah
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2014-15 Back to School Newsletter


Welcome Back Rams!

School starts Monday, August 18.

Check out the Back to School Newsletter (click link) for the most up to date information on the upcoming school year at Ridgewood High School! This newsletter includes orientation days, health and Free and Reduced Lunch procedures, yearbook, senior pictures, athletic information, etc.


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2014-15 RHS Peer Mentors

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected as Peer Mentors for the 2014-15 school year.  These students will help our Class of 2018 students feel welcome at RHS and learn the ropes to start the year on the right hoof.

Madeline Bedor
Krista Boisvere
Mariah Boyd
Maria Burnett
Peter Cabrera
Amelia Canales
Hayley Capshaw
Taylor Carr
Juan Cortes-Landin
Tayla Dickson
Johanna Eliacin
Arianna Files
Vincent Frost
Karina Gaviria
Jillian Greatrex
Joshua Gregory
Chandler Hackbarth
Natasha Hernandez
Kathalia Irizarry
Kristen Joy
Caleb Kilroy
Brandon Lewis
Sidney Martinez
Sidney Martinez
Brooke McAdow
Kimberley Mendoza
Nick Michels
Thomas Mousouris
Matthew Murphy
Cheyenne Myers
Anthony Narducci
Taylor Ney
Elexys Robinstein
Kevin Rosa
Madison Russ
Mercedes Santiago
Nichole Shepard
Justin Sta ana
Tyler Stacey
Haylee Sullivan
Brian Swanson
Krunoslav Talanga
Selena Tepepa-Meza
Samantha Unmack
Paige Vito
Summer Wingate
Kilee Young
Kaitlyn Zarcone

Peer Mentors, please attend our first meeting on July 31 8am-11:30am in the RHS Cafeteria.  There is a $10 fee for Peer Mentors.  Please try to bring this with you to the first meeting.

“Peer Mentors” is a fusion of extracurricular activities and classroom support to help incoming 9th graders succeed.  Most Peer Mentors have selected to be in the Leadership class, which counts as an academic elective and looks great on college applications.  If you would like to be in the Leadership class, please let Mrs. Leary know ASAP.

See you on the 31st!


Peer Mentor

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